Dear District 79 Leaders, Personal and professional growth opportunities, trained club Leaders, and high-energy club meetings all contribute to the most important factor in club membership retention-positive member experience. Therefore, the District 79 Program Quality Team is available to help you to create the highest member experience possible through quality club officer training sessions, a wide variety of club management and personal growth enrichment sessions and standardized training materials. I am pleased to announce the appointment of following seasoned Toastmasters and dedicated Leaders as Regional Program Quality Chairs




The red leadership boxes are the regular District Executive positions and the dark blue boxes are the PQD support Team who will support the Division and Area Directors in facilitating trainings, conducting high-energy club meetings and achieving members’ goals. If you have any question or looking for help in facilitating training or need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me or any of the members of the PQD Team.

Best regards,

Rashid Ali, DTM
Program Quality Director District 79